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Connolly’s of Leap presents : David Keenan

5th September, 2020

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David Keenan is back at Connolly’s of Leap for a very intimate show on Saturday, September 5th.

When David Keenan puts pen to paper, and then sets those words to music, the everyday becomes the extraordinary. Take Barrack Street in his hometown of Dundalk. It’s an unremarkable little place, rows of terraced houses lining either side. Its pair of pubs have closed now, to be redeveloped into the inevitable flats. It’s the kind of street where nothing ever happens.
But not in the imagination of David Keenan. His Barrack Street, he sings in Good Old Days, is a place where the events of domestic life become a fairy story, “where the sailors all come in to greet their families”, where people gather in “the picture house where the navies and the banshees roam”. It’s a place, like his music, where past and present and future come together in a reverie of truth, poetry and fantasy. If you want your singer-songwriters to be relatable and blokey, David Keenan is not the man for you. If you want them to have the epic sweep of Van Morrison, the high notes of Tim Buckley, and the soul of Samuel Beckett, then he very much is. David Keenan makes music that floats, where his words – not plain-spoken, but wandering and questing – are woven into music that can be urgent or solemn or joyful as the song demands.


September 5, 2020


4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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