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Patrick Freeman, Sam Clague and The Big Lovin’

Patrick Freeman is a musician and songwriter who has been traveling the world playing, learning and putting out vibes for a number of years both as a loner and with a myriad of acts such as Old Hannah and The Bonk. His debut album Cherry Blossom Fall was released in late 2015.

Sam Clague is a unique kind of artist. Complex and delicate guitar compositions are often accompanied by psychedelic orchestral sounds. Jazz and folk influences blend together to make a sort of Kaleidoscopic Chamber Music.

Big kicks, bad attitude, and better than the last thing you listened to. THE BIG LOVIN’ grabs infectious pop by the tail and knocks you silly with it. It’s like all the other original music you’ve heard, but with a twist: it’s actually good. Damn good.
Suck it and see.


April 20, 2018


9:00 pm - 1:00 am





Connolly’s of Leap
Connolly's of Leap, Main St.
Leap, Cork Ireland


083 010 4294




Connollys of leap
083 010 4294

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